Aquamobile (portable ultrafiltration gatekeeper system)The Aquamobile is a simple and portable gatekeeper system to provide your construction, building or institution with bacteria/Legionella free water. This requirement is increasingly being found in the building specifications of new buildings. In addition, the Aquamobile is ideal for special events to provide your location with clean and safe water.


The Aquamobile is a mobile ultrafiltration gatekeeper system. The Aquamobile supplies clean and safe water water based on ultrafiltration technology. The system is plug and play delivered and always ready for use. Four filter elements of 5m3 / h with a total capacity of 20m3 / h are integrated into this device. Due to the computer-controlled forward flush functionality, the ultrafiltration modules are rinsed by a forward flush every 4 hours. During this operation, all captured particles, bacteria and viruses are flushed from the filter to the drain. As a result, there is no blockage in the membranes and the filters lifespan will be extend. All ultrafilters are equipped with 300 micron a pre-filter, to remove the biggest and sharpest particles from the feed water.

The system can be rent as temporary and quick solution in cases of a Legionella outbreak or for temporary situation like a festival or event.

Compact Gatekeeper

With its compact dimensions of only 1.90 x 110 x 75cm (h x w x d), this temporary gatekeeper can reach almost any technical space in a building. This solution will provide bacteria safe water from the very first phase of a construction side. This will make sure that the bacteria from the feed water can’t enter the brand new building and start creating bio film. In cases of new construction, you are assured of a Legionella -free start and your customer begins with a clean and safe building.

The Aquamobile is also an ideal solution for a festival or event where you want to be sure of clean and safe drinking water for you visitors. Festivals and events are mostly organised during sunny periods. These periods are extremely dangerous when it comes to the growth of bio film and this causes direct Legionella risk


Dimensions LxWxH (cm)190 x 110 x 70
Filtration principleUltrafiltration
Effectiveness of bacteria reduction99,9999% (log 6)
Maximum water temperature40°C
Minimum / maximum water pressure2 bar / 6 bar
Capacity1 – 20 m³/h
Power supply230V AC
Lifespan:5 years

Product information

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