Clean and
safe water


Clean and
safe water

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Clean and
safe water


PB provides clean and safe water around the world, by manufacturing standard and custom-made ultrafiltration modules, cartridges and systems. 

Ultrafiltration is a purely physical filtration with defined pores approx. 20 nanometers (nm) in size. PB has a pore size of 0,015 micron to capture all bacteria. They not only remove turbidity (the cloudiness you sometimes see in tap water), but also potential pathogens and microplastics.

Bacteria and particulate, such as legionella and iron, are removed from the water and flushed to the drain.
Since our inception we have developed a standard range of ultrafiltration products using multibore membrane technology. The patented multibore membrane technology combines seven individual capillaries in a highly robust fiber – an arrangement that significantly increases the membrane’s stability and eliminates the risk of fiber breakage. The membrane provides a secure barrier against microplastics, suspended solids, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms and supplies a consistently high level of filtrate quality, even in cases where the composition of the original water.

  • Specialist in ultrafiltration since 20 years
  • Standard, OEM and customized products
  • All disciplines in-house, from design to service
  • High end manufacturer
  • Retrofit expert
  • International dealer network
  • Sparring partner in the field of ultrafiltration/membrane filtration

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