How does a microplastic filter work?

PB offers different types of water filters. The main advantage at PB is that all our filters can also capture microplastics from 0,02Micron (µm) out of the water. PB offers you the choice of different systems to filter your water for particles like Microplastics, legionella and other bacteria. PB’s filter modules filter the tap water and capture the microplastic particles so they don’t end up in your glass of water. In addition to filtering by the water treatment company, your water is filtered again in your home or office before you drink it or use it for other purposes. Even though your drinking water company produces clean tap water, in many regions around the world bad infrastructure is causing new water problems. 

There is enough to talk about when it comes to our health and all the harmful substances in the air and water around us. There is also a lot of talk about microplastics and the risk to humans. The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that microplastics are generally considered to be of low toxicity, but they can contain unbound monomers and additives. The potential health risk then lies in the number of microplastics to which a person is exposed and how this exposure occurs. There is a substantial difference between ingestion, inhalation and contact. According to the WHO, there is too little information and research to draw any firm conclusions. However, initial tests indicate that most of it is excreted by humans through the digestive system and that risks are only identified when massive amounts are ingested.

By having a filter added, you ensure that your water receives extra filtering. Whether you do this at the office or at home. This way you are less likely to come into contact with microplastics from 0.02Micron (µm) and capture them with PB filters. The filters from PB are self-flushing, so you don’t have to replace or send anything. The unique APT (Air Pressure Test) will check the integrity of the membranes every day. In this way you can be sure that your filter system works as it should and no microplastics are passing the system. PB has been a specialist in the field of filter modules based on ultrafiltration membranes for 20 years. PB helps you with clean and safe drinking water.