Legionella prevention in water


The legionella bacterium is present in water in small numbers. The bacterium grows in water with a temperature between 25 and 50 degrees Celsius. The legionella bacterium enters the lungs when people inhale small droplets of water (mist) containing the Legionella bacterium and can cause severe pneumonia. All the more reason to make sure that your water is safe for your customers and guests. In this article, you can read more about the origin of Legionella infection and Legionella prevention by PB.

What is legionella?

Legionella is a disease-causing bacterium that can be found in water. The legionella bacterium grows very quickly in stagnant water between 20 and 50 degrees Celsius. At the moment 52 different types of legionella have been identified. Most infections are caused by legionella pneumophila.

Legionella infection

Most people do not get ill when they inhale the Legionella bacteria. Some people experience mild symptoms that disappear on their own after a few days. Very occasionally the bacterium causes serious pneumonia, which is also called legionnaires’ disease or Legionella pneumonia. This pneumonia can be so serious that it can kill people.

People who have an increased risk of contracting severe pneumonia are the elderly, people with an impaired immune system or poor health and smokers. In addition, pneumonia caused by Legionella rarely occurs in people younger than 40 years.

How does a Legionella infection occur

Inhalation of small droplets of water (mist) containing the Legionella bacteria can cause a legionella infection. By inhaling the mist, the bacteria enter the lungs and can cause symptoms. Infection with the Legionella bacterium cannot be transmitted, nor can people become ill from drinking contaminated water.

The risk of infection with the Legionella bacteria is greater in several places:

  • Spraying water such as from fountains, showers and high-pressure jets
  • Bubble baths
  • Air humidification by water spraying devices
  • Water installations that cool down by spraying water

Legionella prevention by PBlegionellapreventie poortwachter systeem van PB

Legionella prevention is important in places and at institutions where the risk of health problems due to Legionella is higher, such as priority installations. For some installations, therefore, Legionella prevention is a legal requirement. The purpose of this obligation is to prevent cases of illness due to infection with the legionella bacteria.

The Legionella filters of PB are KIWA BRL K14010-1 certified. This means that our legionella filters are approved according to the requirements of the Drinking Water Decree. Do you want to fight the Legionella bacteria or prevent them completely? Then it is best to choose a Legionella filter from PB! 

Legionella filter from PB

Are you aiming for optimal Legionella prevention? At PB we offer durable, simple and high-quality Legionella filters. In addition, we use ultrafiltration. Using this technique, we filter all suspended particles (including the Legionella bacteria) larger than 0.02 micron from liquids.

PB can provide you with Legionella filters for your entire water system as well as for the tapping point. Do you opt for a Legionella filter for the entire water system? Then we install filters that prevent the Legionella bacteria from entering your water system. Do you want to filter the water only directly before use? Then we install filters for various taps. At PB we offer both solutions in the form of gatekeepers, Point of Use filters and various filter modules.

You can contact PB for an ongoing service agreement. In addition, you can always contact us for a one-time service during which our professionals extensively check your water systems and/or Legionella filters.