What are microplastics?

Everyone knows about the plastic soup in the oceans. A terrible development due to the excessive use of plastic by society. Everything is being done to remove it. However, plastic is not just the bottles that you can see in the water, unfortunately there are also microplastic particles that are found in our products and in our drinking water. You have the option of filtering these microplastic particles out of your water yourself.

The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that microplastics contain a wide range of materials composed of different substances. Microplastics include different densities, chemical compositions, shapes and sizes. There is no scientifically agreed definition of microplastics. The WHO suggests that all plastics smaller than 5 mm should be referred to as microplastics. However, PB considers this a rather arbitrary definition, especially in combination with drinking water. Plastic of 5 mm in size is filtered out of the water by the water purification companies in the Netherlands, and you could almost see it with your eyes. It is also unlikely that particles of this size will be found in purified drinking water.

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