What are microplastics?

Everyone knows about the plastic soup in the oceans. A terrible development due to the excessive use of plastic by society. Everything is being done to remove it. However, plastic is not just the bottles that you can see in the water, unfortunately there are also microplastic particles that are found in our products and…

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How do microplastics end up in the water?

Unfortunately, it is almost inevitable that microplastics will end up in our drinking water. Many different products contain or are made from plastic. The use of these products leads to the ingestion of microplastics. You will find them in the following products, for example: Microplastics in toothpaste Microplastics in cosmetics Microplastics in shampoo Plastic degradation…

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How does a microplastic filter work?

PB offers different types of water filters. The main advantage at PB is that all our filters can also capture microplastics from 0,02Micron (µm) out of the water. PB offers you the choice of different systems to filter your water for particles like Microplastics, legionella and other bacteria. PB’s filter modules filter the tap water…

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