In 2017 Casper started as an intern market research / product development at PB. At the time, he did research into the medical market, which he set up later during his graduation.

Nowadays he works as an export salesman and is in touch on a daily base with parties from all over the world. He is combining his three passions in this job; technology, commerce and internationalization.

If you ask him for his funniest moment at PB, he doesn’t have to think long. When he and a client couldn’t find a parking space in busy New York, the client decided to remove a parking ban from the wall. Problem solved!

Casper is a fan of the retrofit solutions that PB offers. According to him, this really shows how flexible PB is and how good we are in our profession. In addition, he is a fan of the UFC series, this module can be used very simply by anyone around the world. Cool right ?!

Sport is not Casper’s strongest point. Moving is important, but preferably with work trousers and a screwdriver in your hand. He prefers to do this in the weekends.

Did you know?
Casper was ‘baptized’ in 2018 when he did a filter change in Germany at an AquaproteQ? The filter turned out to be slightly less empty than expected … (pay attention!)

Casper is actively looking for new dealers worldwide?

If Casper had to do an internship at PB, would he go along with the service?

NameCasper ten Bokkel
At PB since2017
Favorite productRetrofit modules