Legionella prevention for marinas

Ultrafiltration is used in various ways at Jachthaven Naarden. An AquaproteQ gatekeeper is at the center of all shower and toilet buildings to ensure filtered and bacteria-safe water from the water meter. These are helped to prevent Legionella from getting into the taps such as showers.

Successful ultrafiltration pilot!

In addition, a unique and successful pilot was carried out at this marina! The port water is purified by means of various filtration steps (including ultrafiltration) into bacterial and virus-safewater in which you can safely swim. Official sample results have since been taken with a very positive result. With this application, the swimming pool was the first to receive the official seal of approval for swimming pools! Visitors to the Naarden Marina can use the swimming pool with confidence.


Pre filter






Legionella prevention for Marinas

Hose reels, showers or high-pressure sprayers are available at most marinas. Sensitive places where the Legionella bacterium likes to nestle. Atomizing taps represent a Legionella risk and require extra attention.

The Dutch Marinas are among the priority locations according to the Drinking Water Decree. By applying ultra-filtration filter modules in marinas, you can be sure that Legionella-safe water is supplied to your visitors and employees. High-risk tap points, due to water misting such as a shower, are supplied with bacteria-safe water through the ultra-filtration filter unit. The certainty that you get by applying a Legionella filter ensures that you can let your visitors and employees use the drinking water with confidence.

A survey shows that Legionella prevention at marinas is often taken seriously. Legionella prevention marinas legislation also prescribes strict rules. Making an inventory of the risky taps and recording these in a risk inventory. In addition, management must be laid down in a so-called Legionella prevention management plan.

A sustainable and flexible Legionella prevention solution for marinas is the application of ultrafiltration Legionella filters. We can supply separate filter modules, self-flushing Legionella filters or a Legionella gatekeeper to protect a building part or entire building against contamination particles and bacteria such as Legionella.