Retrofitting of Ultrafiltration systems

In the past there have been several manufacturers of ultrafiltration modules. A lot of the them quit their activities and left there former customers with old ultrafiltration modules. Since a lot of these modules had specificsizes, it’s hard for them to find new modules to replace the old ones. For example the following modules are still produced at PB International;

  • INGE dizzer S0.9 MB6.0
  • INGE dizzer S0.9 MB 2.5
  • INGE dizzer S1.5 MB 4.5
  • INGE dizzer S1.5 MB 2.0
  • Mahle Innowa MF Wine module
  • IMT 475 UF/MB/TAP
  • IMT 350 UF/MB/TAP
  • IMT 4150 UF/MB/TAP
  • IMT 6100 UF/MB/TAP

PB International is specialised in producing new modules with the same sizes and membranes. We can even pot new membranes into the old filter housing. Becasue of this service, any OEM company can continue their production.

Why retrofits of ultrafilters?

Retrofit is mostly chosen out of necessity or from a financial point of view. In a lot of cases the original modules are custom made and part of a bigger system. In these situations it’s not possible to use any other modules with different sizes or connections.

Financially it is more attractive to make a similar module instead of changing the entire system where the UF-module is part of.

Retrofitting of the highest quality

Certification contributes to our credibility: a certificate shows that our ultrafiltration solutions, service, (management) system or employee meets certain requirements – and therefore the expectations of our customers. In most cases, certification is even required by law or a contract. Government agencies recognize Kiwa certificates and reports as reliable proof that we comply with (European) laws and regulations.

  • Kiwa certified
    • The disadvantage is that old systems are usually not Kiwa certified. Kiwa is the proof of demonstrable quality and credibility. Kiwa certificates and reports provide reliable, objective and internationally recognized proof that you meet all relevant quality standards. A certificate on all our filters is also a good driver for our customers


  • Membranes
    • Since PB International is specialised in ultrafiltration for more than 20 years, we have experience with several kind of membranes. If the customer isn’t sure what kind of membrane is inside, most of the times we can figure out what membrane it is. If we collected enough information we will find the right membrane or a suitable alternative.

Gatekeeper systems

With the help of a (retrofit) gatekeeper system, harmful bacteria are captured from the source. A gatekeeper system is installed immediately after a pressurized water system or water meter. In terms of new systems, you can go to PB International for a modern AquaproteQ system or an central ultrafiltration installation.

Our modern gatekeeper systems use a technology that automatically checks for membrane fractures. If the equipment detects that the filter is not functioning perfectly, you will immediately receive a warning by e-mail or text message. Our confidence in these filters is so great that we offer a 5-year guarantee on all our filter modules.

Point-of-use water filters

A (retrofit) point-of-use water filter filters the water directly on the tap points. These are places such as a crane, staff shower or sink. Thanks to this (retrofit) system, the water is filtered at the most risky taps. PB International supplies various point-of-use water filters. Think of shower bars, foot showers and stainless steel shower panels, among other things.

Legionella filter modules

Do you want to use a water filter at a different location? Then PB International offers countless possibilities thanks to our (retorfit) legionella filter modules. These modules form the basis of all our water filter systems. A legionella filter module can be applied within a gatekeeper system or a point-of-use water filter system.

At PB International we distinguish between two different types of filter modules: UFK and UFW. A UFK module is an independently operating filter that is suitable for cold water installations with a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. A UFW filter module can be used in hot water installations with a maximum water temperature of 70 degrees Celsius.

What if I continue to use outdated water filters?

Of course you can choose not to apply a retrofit or not to replace outdated equipment. Everyone within your organization runs an increased risk when they come into contact with (stationary) water points within your company. For example, it appears that legionella grows easily on biofilm. Biofilm is a slime-like layer that can form on the inside of a water pipe or on the bottom of water reservoirs. The growth of biofilm depends, among other things, on the flow of water and water quality. Thanks to professional (retrofit) solutions from PB International, you prevent legionella from finding a suitable basis for growth. Discover the retrofit solutions from PB International

Do you want to know more about the retrofit solutions from PB International? Or do you want us to retrofit your current water filter system? Feel free to contact our advisors. We have been the expert in the field of (retrofit) water filters in the Netherlands for over 20 years.