Retrofitting of Ultrafiltration systems

In the past there have been several manufacturers of ultrafiltration modules. A lot of the them quit their activities and left there former customers with old ultrafiltration modules. Since a lot of these modules had specificsizes, it’s hard for them to find new modules to replace the old ones. For example the following modules are still produced at PB;

  • INGE dizzer S0.9 MB6.0
  • INGE dizzer S0.9 MB 2.5
  • INGE dizzer S1.5 MB 4.5
  • INGE dizzer S1.5 MB 2.0
  • Mahle Innowa MF Wine module
  • IMT 475 UF/MB/TAP
  • IMT 350 UF/MB/TAP
  • IMT 4150 UF/MB/TAP
  • IMT 6100 UF/MB/TAP

PB is specialized in producing new modules with the same sizes and membranes. We can even pot new membranes into the existing filter housing. Becasue of this service, any OEM company can continue their production.

Why retrofits of ultrafilters?

Retrofit is mostly chosen out of necessity or from a financial point of view. In a lot of cases the original modules are custom-made and part of a bigger system. In these situations it’s not possible to use any other modules with different sizes or connections.

Financially it is more attractive to make a similar module instead of changing the entire system where the UF/MF-module is part of.

Ultrafilters for water

For various customers in Europe and the USA, PB manufactures OEM ultrafilters. Since PB has her own potting procedures, there is a possibility to pot fibers in any type of housing. As a standard PB uses multi-capilarry membranes with a pore size of 0,02 micron and a 100-150 kDa cut-off but there are alternative membranes available.

Microfilters for wine/beverage

In the food and beverage market, there have been various manufacturers and system integrators with their own hollow fiber modules. Plenty of these modules are not on the market anymore which results in supply chain problems for the end user. To avoid capital investment for the end-user, PB can pot new membranes inside the existing housing or make a retrofit module.


What if I continue to use outdated water filters?

Of course you can choose not to apply a retrofit or not to replace outdated equipment. Everyone within your organization runs an increased risk when they come into contact with (stationary) water points within your company. For example, it appears that legionella grows easily on biofilm. Biofilm is a slime-like layer that can form on the inside of a water pipe or on the bottom of water reservoirs. The growth of biofilm depends, among other things, on the flow of water and water quality. Thanks to professional (retrofit) solutions from PB, you prevent legionella from finding a suitable basis for growth. Discover the retrofit solutions from PB

Do you want to know more about the retrofit solutions from PB? Or do you want us to retrofit your current water filter system? Feel free to contact our advisors. We have been the expert in the field of (retrofit) water filters in the Netherlands for over 20 years.