PB maintenance and service

To increase the lifespan of ultrafiltration modules, it is important to maintain and service them on a frequent base. The frequency of maintenance is highly dependent on the quality of the feedwater. The cleaner the water, the less maintenance is requested.

Within the Netherlands, PB has their own mobile cleaning facilities. These vans are driving across the country to provide service and maintenance on ultrafiltration modules and skids. Internationally you’ll find the vans in Belgium and Germany as well. On an average every side is visited twice a year. At least once a year the module will be cleaned and disinfect by the use of chemicals, air and clean and safe water.

Foreign customers have a couple of possibilities when it comes to maintenance and service.

  • Service provided by your local PB dealer;
  • Swapping modules, we provide the service in the Netherlands and send the modules back to you;
  • Using our mobile service box, like shown underneath;
  • With our input you’ll be able to create your own set-up;
  • We support you by e-mail, phone or video call;
  • We train you in the Netherlands, so you can provide service in your area.

We are happy to train our worldwide dealers in maintaining, installing and servicing the PB products. At our training facility we have the possibility to train you theoretically and practically. We will visit a couple of customers and you will be able to provide service by yourself.

Please contact us for more information about our service and maintenance programme.