Anti-Legionella Shower Head

The anti-legionella showerhead protects you from the legionella bacteria and prevents legionella infections. Shower water is the greatest risk factor when it comes to spreading and inhaling.

Legionella filter shower head

It sometimes happens that an increased number of Legionella bacteria are found in the drinking water installation. These bacteria are very small and cannot be seen by the eye. By installing the anti-legionella showerhead in the shower rooms, the water is immediately filtered at tap level by the special filter.

The water is filtered on the basis of microfiltration. Bacteria, including Legionella, remain behind in the filter. Our filters are designed in such a way that the Legionella bacteria do not end up in the water spray, while the water comes out with the same force. So you will not notice any difference while showering.

The application of the anti-Legionella shower head

This anti-legionella showerhead is ideal for use in healthcare facilities, hospitals, hotels, businesses, flats, sports facilities, campsites and other places where shower water can pose a threat to the health of guests, residents or staff.

The anti-legionella showerhead is an indispensable precaution when you want to be sure that the water spray does not contain legionella bacteria. Whether it concerns buildings where Legionella bacteria have recently or in the past been found in water pipes or buildings where this bacterium has not yet been found in high concentrations. The Legionella showerhead ensures that everyone can shower safely. Our product is available in various versions. Because the Anti Legionella showerhead is fitted with a cartridge filter, only this cartridge needs to be changed periodically, which saves on costs. By reusing the showerhead, you generate less waste.

Easy in use

The showerhead is easy to install and can be connected directly to any shower hose. In a short time, you can replace all showerheads in your building. The Legionella showerhead is a temporary solution for Legionella prevention at the aerosol-forming tap point of the shower. For a permanent solution against Legionella, our shower rod or an ultrafiltration filter directly after the water meter (flat filter) is a good solution. This provides several taps with clean and bacterially safe drinking water at the same time.

Cleaning an anti-Legionella shower head

The Anti Legionella cartridge should be replaced regularly. We supply this product from stock so that we can quickly ensure a Legionella safe shower.

In addition to cleaning and replacing Legionella showerheads, it is also important that you regularly have the management activities from your Legionella management plan carried out.


Pore size0,15 µm
Maximum water temperature60°C
Capacity10 L/min