UFM filter (cold water)

The UFM filter module is an independently operating filter and can easily be used as a point of use filtrations solutions for medical devices like endoscope washers and other washer desinfectors. The filter is suitable for cold water installations with a maximum temperature of 40° Celsius. UFM filters can handle a very high particle count, which makes them a very robust solution for challanging water.

Self-flushing ultrafilter

With the periodic forward flush, pollution is automatically flushed away. The automatic flushing of the filter combined with annual maintenance ensures a lifespan of 5 years.

The so called forward flush will flush away all the dirt, viruses, bacteria and sediment in to the drain. This flush is activated every four hours, but this setting can easily be changed.


The UFM modules are available in several capacities. Please contact us and we will help you find the right module for your application.

UFM endoscope filter

Longterm and affordable solution

The UFM has minimal management costs, annual thorough cleaning of the modules and settings check is sufficient. This can be done by your local dealer or in our facilities in Europe.

Het UFM filter includes:

  • Drain valve and timer
  • Connection bij three-part coupling
  • Manual valves
  • Manometers
  • Pre filter (300micron)
  • Non return valve on the inlet
  • Pipe clambs



Ultrafiltration as the basis of the hot water filter (UFW) ensures a very broad application of the product, for example as a pre-filter for (portable) Reverse Osmosis (RO), legionella prevention in the hostpitals, point of use solution for washer disinfectors or gate keeper for a complete CSSD department.

Warm tap water filter

These filters are also available for warm water applications with temperatures up to 70° Celsius (UFW)



UFM endoscope filter



ColorWhite RAL 9010
Filtration principleUltrafiltration
Pore size0,02 µm
Maximum watertemperature40°C