PB-online monitoring

The PB-online monitoring tool has been specially developed for gatekeeper systems. The PB-online monitoring tool checks and supervises the operation of the filter modules via a GPRS or LAN connection.

To measure is to know, so that’s why PB has developed an online monitoring tool for the UFSK, UFWS and AquaproteQ systems. Online monitoring of your ultrafiltration systems gives you a real-time overview of your system’s status and possible errors.

The full software of the online monitoring tool is written in house. That means we offer the possibility of customization in software and monitoring. Every locations has it’s own challenges and it’s own needs but as a standard we measure 16 parameters and show the on the systems touchscreen, your notebook, tablet and mobile phone. Even error’s can be send by internet and/or text message.

A couple of insights in our online monitoring tool;

  • Incoming pressure
  • Outgoing pressure
  • Real time TMP monitoring
  • Etc..

The online dashboard gives a real time visualisations of TMP status and makes the maintenance planning more efficient. It’s even possible to connect the system to your local building management system.