The UFKS sytem is designed to be installed directly at your building’s intake from the city water line behind the water meter. As a gatekeeper the UFKS prevents pathogens, (colloidal) particles and bacteria like Legionella and E-Coli from entering your water supply systems.  Furthermore, the UFKS protects the water supply system against the growth of biofilm.


The UFKS unit is especially designed to built-in the water line downstream the water meter. As a gatekeeper the UFKS ensures that no new (colloidal) particles, virusses and bacteria such as the Legionella bacteria and E-Coli enter your water supply system. Furthermore, the UFKS unit protects the water supply system against the growth of biofilm.

The UFKS unit will be plug and play delivered and can be installed by plumbers around the world. Our managment concept will guide you through every step and our serviceteam will be available for support by e-mail or phone.

The UFKS unit is based upon the technique ultrafiltration. The UFKS unit contains an automatic forward and bakwash flushing device. The self-cleaning process of the ultrafilter makes use of the water pressure from the supply source. if the feedwater pressure does not meet our requirements we would advise to use a boosterpump or hydrophore. Flush frequency can easily be maintaned on the touchsreen and even specific times can be installed in the PLC.

The remaining particles inside the membranes, including the Legionella bacteria and viruses will be flushed into the drain, while the good dissolved particles like minerals and salt will remain in your (drinking) water.

Did you know Reversed Osmose membranes will also remove the minerals and salt from your water? PB does not recommend you to remove these good parts from you tapwater. Many drinkingwater companies around the world will use RO technology during their purification processes, but they will perform a remineralisation step afterwards. As soon as the water leaves the drinkingwater plant, the quality is very high and healthy. Unfortunately many pipelines will decrease the water quality during transportation, making Point Of Entry filtration a must in many countries around the world. Especially in old cities whith old pipelines and a lot of construction sides.

The UFKS and AquaproteQ systems are used around the world to comply to the IWBI (International Well Building Institute) guidelines. Investing in the right water treatment system will create a better environment for all the people inside the building.

  • Max NTU 30
  • MWCO 100-150 kDa*
  • Max COD 12mg/l
  • Max TSS 50mg/l**

* 75 kDa membranes available
**alternative membranes 300mg/l available