The stainless steel PB-shower panel is integrated with a self-cleaning Legionella filter element. The built-in PB-filter module gives the best possible protection against infection from pathogenic bacteria. The filter mechanically removes suspended solids and bacteria, like the Legionella bacterium and viruses on a periodic base. Because of the forward flush mechanism inside the system, no chemicals are need during the cleaning of the filter. Shower panels from PB do require relatively low energy and are very reliable. The lifespan of the warmwaterfilter inside  will be five years, if combined with annual maintenance by an authorized dealer.

This shower panel is fully designed, engineerd and produced at PB. Throughout the years the system is implemented by national and international customers, mostly for Legionella prevention and woundcare centres. Since the product was realised there have been many itterations which results in the current version of the  SST shower panel.

The operation of the shower filter is based on the principal of ultrafiltration. The filter system is self-cleaning, which means it will frequently flush all the trapped particles and bacteria to the drain. The shower panel can be wall mounted in the bathroom as a “Point Of Use” solution. The filter removes all water related pathogene germs and bacteria like the Legionella bacteria.

The shower panel will be plug-and-play delivered with all necessary controls for regular and automatic cleaning of the filter element. The panel is operated by an infra red sensor and during maintenance a special remote control can be used for a temporary shut down of the system. Depending on the water quality the PB-filter module has a lifespan of five years, as long as combined with annual maintenance by an authorized dealer.



Dimensions (LxWxH)1250x220x78 mm
Filtration principleUltrafiltration
Pore size0,02 µm
Maximum watertemperature70C°
Connection voltage6V DC or 230V AC
Thermostat range20°C – 40°C
Operating range8 cm
Battery life1 year, at 6000 circuits per month

Product information

Productsheet SST Shower Panel