The stainless steel PB-shower panel is integrated with a self-cleaning Legionella filter element. The built-in PB-filter module gives the best possible protection against infection from pathogenic bacteria. The filter mechanically removes suspended solids, bacteria, like the Legionella bacterium and viruses, without chemicals.

The shower panel will be delivered “Ready for Use” with all necessary controls for regular and automatic cleaning of the filter element. The panel is operated by a infrared sensor. All settings can be changed by a remote control. Depending on the water quality the PB-filter module has a life time of at least 2 to 3 years.

The operation of the shower filter is based on the principal of ultrafiltration. The filter system is self-cleaning. The shower panel can be installed against the wall in the bathroom as a “Point of use” solution. The filter removes all water related pathogene germs and bacteria like the Legionella bacteria.


Dimensions1250x220x78 mm
Type of filtratitonUltrafiltration
Pore size of membranes0,015 µm
MaterialSST 316/PVC-C
Maximum water temperature70C°
Maximum water pressure6 bar
Minimum water pressure2.5 bar
Electricial supply6V DC of 230V AC
Average live time of battery1 year, at 6000 switches per month