The PB-Shower filter is especially designed to connect in a very simple way to the existing mixing valves. The self-cleaning PB-Filter element gives the best possible protection against being infected with the Legionella bacterium.

The shower rod from PB International is easy to install. The shower rod can be installed on any shower tap equipped with a ½ ” connection on the bottom side, replacing the existing shower hose. A new shower hose and shower head are then reconnected onto the shower rod from PB International. We recommend installing a brand-new shower hose and shower head for optimal protection against Legionella. We can also provide you with these items.

The operation of the shower filter is based on the principal of ultrafiltration. The filter system is self-cleaning. The shower panel can be installed against the wall in the bathroom as a “Point of Use” solution. The filter removes all water related pathogene germs and bacteria.


Colour White
Sizes (DxWxH) Excl. wall socket: 50x60x840 mm
Filtration technology Ultrafiltration
Poresize 0,02 µm
Material PVC-C/PVC-U
Maximum watertemperature 50°C
Capacity 12 L/min
Drain 0,5 L/min

Product information

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