The PB-Tap-filter is a very effective and simple solution for clean and safe tap water. This solution is ideal for kitchen application and for filling water drinking bottles.

This product is developed especially to be used under the sink, directly before the water tap. Therefore the product will be delivered as ‘Do-it-Yourself’ package. This product is available in three models. These all have the same function. Just the capacity and sizes are different.

The PB-Tap-filter filters all microbiological parts out of the water, based on ultrafiltration. With this product, the current situation of the sink doesn’t change. Even the current water tap can still be used for tapping supply water. On the side of the PB-Tap-filter is placed an extra valve for tapping clean and safe water anytime. This water is bacteria and virus safe.

Read more about the Tap-filter [79 KB] of PB International


ColourRAL 7011
Type of filtrationUltrafiltration
Pore size of membraces0,015 µm
Maximum water temperature40°C