The PB-Tap-filter is a very effective and simple solution for clean and safe tap water. This solution is ideal for kitchen application and for filling water drinking bottles since it will only remove the bad parts of your water. That means it will only remove particles and bacteria that normally enter your builiding through the pipelines of the local drinkingwater company. Good parts like minerals and salts won't be removed by the ultrafilter. That makes UF a more suitable technology than Reversed Osmose, when it comes to drinking water.

This product is developed especially to be used under the sink, directly before the water tap. Therefore the product will be delivered as ‘Do-it-Yourself’ package. The DIY tapfilter comes in a one size fits all capacity, but customization is possible.

The PB-Tap-filter removes all particles and bacteria out of the water, but it wont’t remove any dissolved particles like minerals and salts. This makes the PB-Tap a perfect filter for drinking water purposes since you don’t want to remove the minerals that water brings to your body. Based on ultrafiltration technology you’ll be able to create a clean and safe tapping point by yourself.

Did you know Reversed Osmose membranes will also remove the minerals and salt from your water? PB does not recommend you to remove these good parts from you tapwater. Many drinkingwater companies around the world will use RO technology during their purification processes, but they will perform a remineralisation step afterwards. As soon as the water leaves the drinkingwater plant, the quality is very high and healthy. Unfortunately many pipelines will decrease the water quality during transportation, making Point Of Use filtration a must in many countries around the world. Especially in old cities whith old pipelines and a lot of construction sides.

Tap filter for sediment and bacteria removal

We are very looking forward to help you out with our POU drinkingwater solutions. Please have a look at our Point Of Entry systems as well, for bigger capacities and full builing water purification.


ColourRAL 7011
Type of filtrationUltrafiltration
Pore size of membranes0,02 µm
Maximum water temperature40°C