PB International is producing a wide range of standard and custom-made ultrafiltration (UF) elements. Ultrafiltration is a pressure-driven membrane technology to remove (colloidal) particles, sediment, turbidity, bacteria and viruses. Depending on the moloculair weight, UF will also remove a wide range of the humic acid range and iron.

Membrane technology comes in many variants. PB is focussing on hollow fiber flexible ultrafiltration membranes, made of Poly Ether Sulfone PES.

During operation of the UF membrane water will be pushed through the 0.02 μm pores of the membrane wall from the inside to the outside whilst removing suspended solids, particles, viruses and bacteria out of the water. The remaining particles on the inside of the membrane can be easily removed from the inner membrane wall via an automatic forward and/or backward flushing device. The efficiency for reduction of bacteria is 99.9999% (Log 6) and for bacteria the membranes have been tested LOG 4 on MS2-phage.

Since the membrane is a physical barrier there will be filtration by any pressure. PB advises to use a pressure between 2 and 6 bars. A higher pressure might cause leaking membranes. To be assured of an integer system, PB has developed an APT unit which can be applied on UFKS and AquaproteQ systems. The APT will test the integrity of the membranes every 24 hours and will automatically by-pass a leaking module.

As a result of the open foam structure of the membrane, the system can be operated with a very low pressure and high fluxes. In addition to a high chemical an biological resistance, our revolutionary 7 Bore membrane has a very high mechanical stability. The revolutionary 7 Bore membrane with 7 capillaries in each fiber is much stronger and can sustain high-pressure water surges more easily than conventional single bore membranes. With our unique 7 Bore membrane PB International has set a new standard in ultrafiltration technology.

Did you know Reversed Osmose membranes will also remove the minerals and salt from your water? PB International does not recommend you to remove these good parts from you tap water. Many drinking water companies around the world will use RO technology during their purification processes, but they will perform a remineralisation step afterwards. As soon as the water leaves the drinking water plant, the quality is very high and healthy. Unfortunately many pipelines will decrease the water quality during transportation, making Point Of Entry filtration a must in many countries around the world. Especially in old cities with old pipelines and a lot of construction sides.

  • Max NTU 30
  • MWCO 100-150 kDa*
  • Max COD 12mg/l
  • Max TSS 50mg/l**

* 75 kDa membranes available
**alternative membranes 300mg/l available