PB International is producing a wide range of standard and custom-made ultrafiltration (UF) elements. Ultrafiltration is a pressure-driven membrane technology to remove bacteria and viruses including the Legionella bacteria out of the water.

The water is pushed with a minimum of 2 bar through the 0.03 μm pores of the membrane wall from the inside to the outside whilst removing suspended solids, particles, viruses and bacteria out of the water. The remaining particles on the inside of the membrane can be easily removed from the membrane wall via an automatic forward and/or backward flushing device. This self-cleaning process of the Legionella filters makes use of the water pressure from the supply source. The remaining particles, including the Legionella bacteria and viruses will be flushed to drain. The efficiency for reduction of bacteria is 99.9999% (Log 6).

As a result of the open foam structure of the membrane, the system can be operated with a very low pressure and high fluxes. In addition to a high chemical an biological resistance, our revolutionary 7 Bore membrane has a very high mechanical stability. The revolutionary 7 Bore membrane with 7 capillaries in each fiber is much stronger and can sustain high-pressure water surges more easily than conventional single bore membranes. With our unique 7 Bore membrane PB International has set a new standard in ultrafiltration technology.