For many bacteria, water is the ideal location to grow. Our drinking water naturally contains many bacteria. However, not all bacteria in the water are harmful to our health. In some cases they are. Due to different circumstances, fungi and bacteria such as legionella or E.coli can develop in water pipes or (still) water. When the water is contaminated with such bacteria, it can cause life-threatening situations.

Which types of bacteria are dangerous?

As indicated, not all types of bacteria in water are harmful to health. However, a bacterium that (unfortunately) regularly makes the news is the legionella bacterium. Legionella grows in water and causes a (serious) pneumonia in people. There are more than 1000 types of Legionella bacteria, many of which are harmful to human health. The majority of the inflammations are caused by Legionella pneumophila serotype 1. Furthermore, the Legionella pneumophila serotype 2-14 type causes many cases of illness. Besides the Legionella bacterium there are numrerous of other dangerous waterbacteria.

How does water get contaminated with the bacteria?

Water becomes contaminated with bacteria in various ways. Standing water is the ideal condition for this bacterium to create a biofilm in which it can settle down and grow in bigger numbers. However, it does depend on the water temperature. At a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius or lower and a temperature of 70 degrees or higher, it is impossible for the bacteria to grow in water. The optimum water temperature is between 25 and 50 degrees.

The (Legionella) bacteria also develops regularly in water pipes and then forms a biofilm. Biofilm is a slime-like layer that forms on the inside of pipes and on the bottom of water reservoirs. The pipe material, the flow of water and the water quality determine how much biofilm can be present. Places where biofilm and  bacteria can develop are water-rich locations such as swimming pools, (public) showers and drinking water installations. Many people don’t realise that icecube machines are a high risk as well. Inside the machine you’ll find various tubes and valves which are ideal spots for (Legionella) bacteria to settle down and grow inside a biofilm. Even the WHO warns for the risk inside icecube machines.

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(Legionella) bacteria in water

When water is contaminated with the legionella bacteria, this can ultimately have major consequences for people who come into contact with it. In the most serious case, it is possible to contract Legionellosis disease. The bacterium can have fatal consequences and causes symptoms such as extreme fever, tiredness and shortness of breath. A less serious form that the bacteria can cause is legionella flu. This sick person experiences flu symptoms for about 2 to 5 days when the person is infected with this disease.

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